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Spotlight on Bryce Harlow Fellow Christian Ficara

At 30 years old, Washington, D.C. native Christian Ficara is already living his dream: he’s run a successful political campaign, for Brian Hopkins’ 2nd alderman seat in Chicago. This is exactly where Christian wanted to be after graduating from Ohio State with a degree in International Relations. “I was nearing graduation and had to decide if I wanted to go back home or cut my teeth on local Chicago politics,” Christian recalled. His first stints in Chicago were with a political consulting firm, and working on several Illinois state campaigns. He met Brian Hopkins during a fund-raiser and eventually agreed to run his campaign for alderman. Christian now serves as the Alderman’s Director of Public Affairs. “I love government and politics, and while my work in Chicago has put me in the intense trenches of local politics, I see myself transitioning to the federal level and advancing progressive issues,” Christian said. He is pursuing a graduate degree in Public Affairs and Corporate Communications from Georgetown University through an online and interactive program. “This degree will make me a better advocate and learn skills critically important to be an effective lobbyist,” Christian said. “Bryce Harlow set an ethical standard to guide our profession. I am committed to meeting that standard by working with the utmost integrity and honesty,”