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Spotlight on Bryce Harlow Fellow Kayla McMurry

By the start of her junior year at the University of Tennessee, Kayla McMurry discovered a new passion outside of tennis—advocacy. After a summer internship in the office of Congressman John J. Duncan Jr. , the 26 year old knew she would find her way back to Washington, D.C.  In fact, Kayla was hired and began her career as a Staff Assistant in Senator Lamar Alexander’s D.C. office immediately after graduation. She is now a Legislative Aide for the Senator. “I’ve had the unique opportunity to work for my hometown senator, learn about the issues facing the state, and the priorities of the constituents making me a better public servant to address their needs,” Kayla stated.

Kayla is pursuing a law degree at Georgetown University. “Pursuing a JD helps me better equip myself to work on behalf of Tennessee,” she said. Kayla looks to the late Bryce Harlow as an example of how to navigate today’s politics. “Mr. Harlow’s integrity transcended politics, which is what made him so effective. His legacy is my gold standard.”