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Spotlight on Bryce Harlow Fellow Meredith White

Meredith White never imagined she would be fundraising for a living. The Missouri native attended the University of Delaware as an English major, and switched after taking her first Political Science course. “My parents were always engaged in local politics – they voted, had yard signs, knew the mayor, and discussed politics at home, yet that class opened my eyes to politics as a career possibility,” Meredith said.

Throughout her undergraduate years she interned on political campaigns around the country, and after graduation Meredith took a fellowship in D.C., and then a full time job as Staff Assistant for Senator Claire McCaskill. During her time in McCaskill’s office, she was encouraged to pursue fundraising, and Meredith moved on to Flanagan Fulkerson & Company where she learned the ropes of candidate and political action campaign (PAC) fundraising. She later worked lobbying and fundraising for Smith Free Group, and now works as a Political Affairs Director at UBS. Meredith has hit her stride – since joining UBS the company’s PAC receipts have increased by 40%.

Meredith is pursuing an Executive MBA at Georgetown University. “Business and policy have a natural and often untapped connection. In keeping with the legacy of Mr. Bryce Harlow, getting an MBA will help me bridge the gap,” Meredith said, “I hope to live up to his standards for the lobbying profession.”