Audio Documentary

The following project, titled The Coin of The Realm: Integrity in the Business of Government, is an audio documentary designed as an oral history of the professional career of Bryce Harlow. Compiled in 2007, this is not necessarily meant to be a history of the life of Mr. Harlow. Instead, the project serves as a history of his professional accomplishments and contributions to the field of corporate government representation.

The documentary consists of stories and reflections by those who knew Bryce Harlow and served alongside him during his long tenure in American politics. The project serves to catalog his major influences, professional accomplishments, and vast contributions to the fields of government service, congressional relations, and business-government relations as told by his peers and colleagues who knew him best.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Coin of the Realm
  3. The Early Years
  4. A Counselor to Presidents
  5. The Boss’s Wordsmith
  6. Pioneering Congressional Relations
  7. Bridging Business and Government, Part 1
  8. Bridging Business and Government, Part 2
  9. Under Fire
  10. Transitions
  11. Bryce’s Footprint