Ethics & Lobbying Forum

The Bryce Harlow Workshop on Ethics and Lobbying

Spend a few interesting Saturdays at American University and receive credit for exploring the legal, personal, and professional ethics of lobbying. Led by Jim Thurber, Distinguished Professor of Government and Director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies, students will analyze the transcendent issues of values, the law, conflicts of interest, the foundation of ethics, and the meaning of integrity in political advocacy. The tactics and strategies of lobbying are numerous and complex, but accomplished and respected lobbyists realize that their careers will succeed only if conducted according to both the letter and the spirit of the laws and regulations affecting the lobbying activities they undertake.

Schedule and Location

Spring 2018
American University School of Public Affairs (Ward Circle Building)
This two-day workshop will be held on on February 3 and February 10, 2018.
9am to 5pm both days

This course is also open to non-AU students.

For more information
Phone: 202-885-3491
Fax: 202-885-1038

Course Papers/Essay Contest

Each student is required to complete a written assignment of approximately 7-to-10 pages at the conclusion of the course. Students are encouraged to submit their final written assignments to be considered for the Bryce Harlow best paper award, a $250 prize that the winner will receive at American University’s School of Public Affairs spring awards ceremony.

Winning papers from recent years

Whistleblower Protection Reform: Considerations for Ethics and Lobbying — Stephanie M. Logan, 2017

The Foreign Agents Registration Act: Transparency Efforts in the Age of Obstruction – Chandler Thornton, 2016 (please email to request a copy)

Big Bundles of Joy: The Failure of Regulating Lobbyist Influence in Campaign Fundraising
Phil Cardarella, 2015

Obama’s Attack on Lobbying: A Perception Issue 
Amanda Shipley, 2014

Inclusion vs. Exclusion: Is Coalition Building Lobbying?
Lindsay Mears, 2013

Personal Contributions to Candidate Committees: A Solution to Quid Pro Quo Corruption
Evan Kost, 2012

Ethics and Lobbying the Executive Branch
Sarah Heidt, 2011

The Stimulus: Unprecedented Restrictions on Communications Between Lobbyists and Federal Officials
Megan Yarbrough, 2010

President Obama’s Attempt to Close the Revolving Door and its Impact on Advocacy
Ryan Miskell, 2009

Congressional Ethics and Lobbying: The Case of Senator Harry Reid
Jennifer DeSimone, 2008

Lobbing and the Defense Industry
Stephen Meli, 2007

Stranger in a Strange Land: The Ethics of Lobbying for Foreign Interests
Daniel Guarnera, 2006

The Bryce Harlow Workshop on Ethics and Lobbying
Joel DiGrado, 2005