The Bryce Harlow Fellowship application consists of five components. We suggest that you complete all of the pieces of the application prior to uploading as all forms and uploads must be completed in one session. THIS APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED IN ONE SITTING; YOUR WORK WILL NOT BE SAVED IF YOU NAVIGATE AWAY FROM THE PAGE PRIOR TO COMPLETION.

  1. Application form: Please gather the necessary information to efficiently fill in this form in one sitting.
  2. Written statements: This is the heart of the fellowship application.  Thoughtfully compose your essays in Microsoft Word and when you are ready to apply, simply cut and paste your statements into the application.  Be mindful of the maximum word usage.
  3. Letters of recommendation: Please scan and upload two letters from people who know you and your work well.
  4. Resume: Upload your one-page resume.
  5. Undergraduate and graduate transcripts: Scan and upload your complete undergraduate transcript and your most current graduate transcript.  If you have not yet started your graduate study, please upload a letter (or other evidence) of your acceptance to graduate school for this fall.  If you attended multiple undergraduate universities, please submit them all, although you will need to combine the multiple transcripts into one file before uploading.  You do not need to copy the back side of the transcript or the page explaining the university’s grading system.

Note for current Bryce Harlow Fellows re-applying for the upcoming year: You must compose new written statements and submit new letters of recommendation.  Although you may consider incorporating some of the content from your original application essay if still relevant, cutting and pasting from last year is easy to spot and frowned upon. This is very important! 

DESCRIPTION OF THE WRITTEN STATEMENT SECTIONS – Address the following topics in separate written statements, each not to exceed 250 words.

  • Statement of Career Interest – Provide a description of your long-range goals in professional advocacy through government relations and lobbying. Demonstrate your clear understanding of and specific interest in lobbying and government relations and demonstrate the skills and strengths that you will bring to the profession. Explain how your past experiences influenced your decision, and share with us your plan for achieving your goal.
  •  Statement of Demonstrated Leadership Abilities – Describe the leader you are today and the leader you want to be, using personal examples that contribute to your overarching theme.
  •  Statement of Advocacy with Integrity – Bryce Harlow was recognized for his high level of integrity, yet lobbyists and government relations professionals today are often defined in opposite terms. Describe why his principles are important and how you plan to continue his legacy in your career.
  • Statement of Financial Need – Set forth your need for financial assistance to undertake graduate studies.  Include your present salary range, the title of your job, and information on debts which demonstrate the extent of your need.  State any other scholarships or financial aid you receive.

We are now accepting applications for the 2018-19 academic year. The deadline for application is April 29, 2018. Please click on this box to access the application. Be sure you meet the requirements and complete the application process in one session.