Speeches & Correspondence

The following webpages provide access to various documents which tell the story of Bryce Harlow. The resources available on these webpages include Bryce Harlow’s papers, speeches, and correspondences as both a government servant and one of our nation’s most prominent lobbyists. These primary sources communicate Bryce Harlow’s impact on government and lobbying as we understand them today and provide a unique insight into the life and work of our foundation’s namesake.

The first resource comes from Bryce Harlow’s home state in the form of the Carl Albert Center at the University of Oklahoma’s Bryce N. Harlow Collection. This online compilation contains a variety of speeches given by Bryce Harlow during his time serving as one of our nation’s foremost political figures and lobbyists. The collection’s contents range from 1960 to 1978, including pieces from Bryce Harlow’s tenure at Proctor & Gamble and as an advisor to President Richard M. Nixon.

Two additional resources come from The Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library. The first of these resources is a summary and list of contents of various scrapbooks regarding Bryce Harlow located at the Presidential Library. The second summarizes Bryce Harlow’s service to President Eisenhower and lists all of the correspondences and speeches written by Bryce Harlow during his time at the White House as compiled by the Eisenhower Presidential Library.

Bryce Harlow was one of President Eisenhower’s closest confidants and a long time member of the President’s staff. Bryce Harlow served as administrative assistant to the president, deputy assistant to the president, and deputy assistant to the president for Congressional affairs. The volume of these inventories and their accompanying descriptions of Bryce Harlow’s service to President Eisenhower testify to just how extensive and significant the relationship between the two men was and to the importance of Bryce Harlow during his time serving on President Eisenhower’s staff between 1953 and 1960. Please note that the Eisenhower Presidential Library unfortunately does not feature access to the actual papers in their inventory at this time.